Fipple Flute

Bamboo fipple flutes are something like Irish low-whistles. Same fingering, but holes used to be bigger and sound is warmer.

Here’s a small pitch guide:

  • G – Smallest flute I can make for now. 42cm length.
  • F – Bamboo alternative to alto recorder.
  • E – 50cm length.
  • low-D – Low whistle classic key. 56cm length.
  • low-C – 60cm length.

The color of the winding threads. If you want to choose more than one, let me know.

Ergonomic or in-line grip

The size of a hand and the length of fingers vary from person to person and not all the flutes suit every customer. So, I give  options in terms of how the holes are placed. Usually, the holes of a flute are lined up in one line . But for larger flutes, it may be better to shift the lower and the fourth hole, counting from the end of the flute to the side. 

Note that if you are left-handed (left hand at the bottom) choose left ergonomic grip; the in-line grip is symmetrical.


When you choose a flute, it’s very important not to buy a flute too big. People of all genders, and especially ones with small hands, please be aware of your hands-size-related limits! Most people like low-sounding flutes but big flutes require well stretched fingers and they have big holes which are not easily covered by small fingertips. Unfortunately, there is no way to make a small flute sound low and deep.