Bamboo NAF

I created these flutes to be an inexpensive alternative to the NAF out of a tree branch but they turned out to be an interesting and autonomous option. They are a great option for fans of NAFs that have a bright sound.

Fingering and tuning

Like the traditional NAF, my flutes are tuned into a minor pentatonic and have no second octave. The flute key is named after the lower note.
There are flutes with 5 and 6 holes (extended pentatonic).

Frequently used keys:

  • hi-A – is a small flute with a bright and full sound. A perfect companion on a journey.
  • F# – For some reason, it is considered to be a standard tuning for NAF. Why? In my opinion, the key is not very practical.
  • E – is a perfect NAF, in my understanding. It has a good balance between the depth and the brightness of the sound.
  • Bass-D – is a bass flute with a soft and deep sound.

Other keys are available on request, just ask me.