Abedabun Bamboo Flutes

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How to order Abedabun Flute?

To order a flute you need first of all to decide what kind of flute you want, to define its ethnic type and key. Mind that the lower the key of the flute you want the bigger it will be and the more demanding for breathing skill and wider finger stretch.

Then you have to write me an e-mail to nevskyflute (a) gmail.com or contact me via Facebook.

Apart from description of the flute, write briefly about your musical preferences, experience of playing wind instruments, flute tone preferences, etc. All you think may help me understand what flute you want. Each flute is produced individually according to particular customer's desires. I rarely have flutes readily available so there is usually one-two weeks waiting time.

As soon as your flute has been made I am ready with great pleasure to accept your donation for what the flute is worth.
I accept PayPal mostly.

After the payment is received I ship you the flute by regular post service or by a delivery service. Shipping cost should be included into the donation mentioned above and is to be settled beforehand. Unusual flutes in uncommon keys, of custom sizes or shapes are payed in advance.

Abedabun bamboo flutes

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