Abedabun Bamboo Flutes

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Ts'ai Yung reached the Relay Station of K'o, where bamboo was used for rafters. As Yung lay on his mat looking up these beams, he exclaimed, "Most excellent bamboo!". He used a length to make a vertical flute, which had a clear and carrying sound.

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This is a page of Abedabun flute-building workshop. Here you can learn something about bamboo flutes and order one from bamboo, cane or wood.

Abedabun ethnic flutes are professional music instruments that will become your true friends. Every flute is made with love and knowledge, it has its own unique tone full of magic as well as accurate tuning throughout whole range.

Every flute is made individually according customer's requirements. It is here you can find the very tone you seek for!

Abedabun bamboo flutes

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