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So it happened that in 2002 I began making and playing bamboo flutes.
Eventually it became my main occupation.

It is not just a work for me. I constantly observe how playing a bamboo flute changes its player, gradually, step by step making him (or her) a little bit better.
It works, I don't know why. This is the cause I always aim to make a customer "his own" flute.
Not just a flute but something that soon is going to become a friend, a companion, a tool to reveal his best.
This is the way I make the world better around me.

There are plenty of approaches for playing bamboo flutes. Be it purely musical or purely mistic, a flute is always something very personal. Often different approaches demand things mutually exclusive.
A task before me as a maker - to understand a customer, to understand the material and embody the flute as best as possible.

One piece of bamboo may differ from another the same way as two different men may differ from each other. Very different men they may be.
There is no bad bamboo and there is no ideal bamboo. Creating a bamboo flute always means quest for compromises.

True mastery is to reveal the merits of a bamboo and to hide it's disadvantages.

Abedabun bamboo flutes

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